Benefits of Non-Contact Jet Dispensers

Posted by Maureen Redmond on Oct 20, 2020 11:12:30 AM

A relatively new development in the world of fluid dispensers, the non-contact jet dispenser uses a jetting mechanism to drop fluids from a distance on to the substrate, so that the nozzle never touches the surface of the product. Jet dispensing is performed by high speed dot pulsations from the nozzle, therefore dot dispensing as well as connecting these dots to form line dispensing can be achieved.

These jetting solutions are developed by Musashi Engineering. Though relatively new in the U.S. market, Musashi Engineering is a global leader in fluid dispensing systems for industrial automation, and their product developers have fine-tuned their dispensers to provide the highest accuracy and lowest product rejection rates possible.


See some applications of the jet dispenser in this video. 

The guide below goes over some of the unique benefits the jetting systems can bring to the table, and also the various jet dispenser models available.

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