What makes Musashi fluid dispensers highly reliable

Posted by Ryutaro Izumi on Jul 11, 2017 8:14:00 AM

Musashi dispenser system distributer USAt Izumi International, we’re proud to be official distributors of Musashi Engineering automated dispensing equipment. Musashi is the largest fluid dispenser manufacturer in Japan, and their wide line of dispensing products are frequently used in Asia’s electronics manufacturing industry—an industry that demands high-precision applications.

Why do we favor Musashi dispenser products over brands that are better known in the U.S.? There are several important reasons:  


Engineering expertise

Musashi Engineering, Inc. was established in 1978, giving them nearly 40 years of experience in the automation world.

But it’s not just longevity that matters here. Nearly half of Musashi’s 700 employees have an engineering background, meaning product design, development, and testing are all done with an expert eye.


A wide range of applications

Musashi dispensers are suitable for extremely small-volume dispensing (as small as half a nanoliter per shot), and their high precision makes them a good fit for manufacturing phones, smart watches and other small electronics.  

On the other end of the spectrum, Musashi’s dispensers are also capable of dispensing large volumes for automotive and aerospace applications.

Their wide range of dispensing equipment can handle nearly any type of fluid, including everything from anaerobic adhesives, to two-part epoxies, to solder and Ag pastes.


Attention to all parts of the dispensing process

Musashi dispenser controller, desktop robot, syringe and needle

For high-precision automated dispensing, four components are required:

The controller and the syringe control the precision and volume of dispensing. The nozzle and the programmable robot determine the precise shape and placement of the dispensing application.

All parts of the system are vital, but the consumable syringes and nozzles often do not get the attention required. Many competitor brands focus only on the controllers and the robots, requiring the customer to find syringes and nozzles from another source.

However, the engineers at Musashi recognize the importance of all four components, and design all of them in-house—meaning they offer a complete dispensing solution that’s been carefully designed to work together seamlessly.


Need a Musashi distributor?

Izumi International is a premier distributor for Musashi dispensers and related equipment in the United States and beyond. Browse our full line of Musashi products, or contact us for customized recommendations for your automation needs.

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