A Guide to Musashi Adhesive Dispensing Solutions

Posted by Emily Park on Jun 8, 2017 8:49:00 AM

musashi ml-5000xii pneumatic adhesive dispensing.jpgLooking for a reliable way to dispense pastes, sealants, epoxies and other adhesives for your manufacturing or R&D line? We’d like to get you pointed in the right direction.

In previous posts, we’ve looked at the general types of fluid dispensers available for product automation and how they work. In this post, we’re going to start with the needed adhesive application and list some of the specific dispensing products that are a best fit.

All of the adhesive dispensing systems below are developed by Musashi Engineering. Though relatively new in the U.S. market, Musashi is a global leader in fluid dispensing systems for automation, and their product developers have fine-tuned their dispensers to provide the highest accuracy and lowest product rejection rates possible.

To learn more about any product, click on its name to access a full description and product brochures.

General Purpose Adhesive Dispensers

High-viscosity Adhesive Dispensing

  • Screw Master 3
    • High speeds up to four times faster than pneumatic dispensers
    • Designed for high viscosity adhesives up to 1,000 Pa·s, including solder and Ag paste

Low-viscosity Adhesive Dispensing

  • CyberJet2
    • Non-contact jet dispenser
    • Ideal for low-viscosity adhesives and resins
  • MT-410 Tubing Dispenser 
    • A rotary tubing dispenser with a manual pen dispensing option
    • Ideal for low-viscosity, anaerobic and quick-drying adhesives

Dispensing for Adhesives with Variable Viscosity

  • ML-808GX Pneumatic Dispenser
    • An “intelligent dispenser” designed to adapt to changing viscosity
    • Includes a special mode for 2-part adhesives such as epoxy

Large- and Small-volume Dispensing

  • Nano Master SMP Dispenser
    • Can dispense volumes as small as 1 nanoliter
    • Designed for low-viscosity adhesives, including UV resins and volatile and alcohol-based fluids
  • Measuring Master MPP-1
    • Large range of dispensing volumes, from 10 nanoliters to 100 milliliters.
    • Ideal for adhesives with high or variable viscosities  
  • SuperJet MJET-S  
    • Ultra-fast micro-dispensing of quantities 0.5 nanoliters and smaller
    • Ideal for a variety of adhesives, including epoxy resin and Ag paste

Most of the dispensing systems above can also be integrated with a desktop robot system for higher efficiency. 

Personalized, Expert Guidance

Not sure which product is right for you, or want more specifications on any of the dispensers above? One of the engineers at Izumi International will be glad to guide you through the process step-by-step, and can even tailor a custom solution for your needs.

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