Robotunits Extruded Aluminum Framing Spotted in Action

Posted by Emily Park on May 26, 2017 8:17:53 AM

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the strength and efficiency of extruded aluminum framing for mounting robots and other manufacturing equipment. We noted its strength when it came to bearing weight, but there’s another aspect to consider as well.

Several months ago we were at a trade show and saw a Robotunits aluminum frame in use. Representatives from ABB had set up a demonstration of their FlexPicker robot on the exhibition floor, and they relied on a Robotunits aluminum frame for the display. See the video we shot below:


In the video, you can see the FlexPicker and the speed at which it moves. Not only was the extruded aluminum framing strong enough to bear the weight of the robot, but the fastening system holds fast despite constant vibration.

We’ve found that over time, the fasteners do not come loose even when there's constant movement, thanks to Robotunits’ unique T-slotted fastening technology.

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