Exploring the Design and Benefits of the Robotunits Timing Belt Conveyors

Posted by Maureen Redmond on Mar 1, 2021 2:07:32 PM

Let's explore the details and benefits of the Timing Belt Conveyors. Thanks to their V-guided timing belt design, these units can precisely position and transport your products. They also offer a variety of belt surface covers and attachments, making them a versatile choice for indexing, positioning and other conveying applications.

About Our Timing Belt Series

Our timing belt conveyors feature a V-guided timing belt to better handle lateral forces and are available as single lane or multiple lane systems. They also maintain consistent belt tension due to their unique belt tensioner. With this design, these reliable, adjustable conveying units can achieve perfect belt tracking and handle products of various shapes and sizes – up to 400 kilograms of load.

In addition to their simplicity, reliability and excellent price-to-performance ratio, timing belt conveyors offer a number of advantages:

CustomizableThe standard frame width of a single lane C4T or C8T conveyor is 40 millimeters. You can achieve custom widths with multi-lane systems that are connected with a connection shaft with integrated self-aligning couplings. Standard lengths up to 12,000 millimeters with longer units are available upon request. Larger and wider products such as pallets can also be conveyed with multi-lane systems. These conveyors also come with optional height-adjustable legs and a wide variety of belt options for applications that involve low to high friction, abrasion or corrosion.

Flexible. To help you meet your requirements, our timing belt conveyors come with several drive and motor position options, including space-saving direct drives (C8T Series) and front-end timing belt drives with double and triple lanes. In terms of idlers, units include roller diameters of 40 or 80 millimeters.

Fast. Standard speeds range from 3 to 58 meters per minute, with higher speeds available upon request. Speed ​​controllers are available for your individual speed adjustments.

Product highlight. Our timing belt covers come with a window for visual inspection, which means you have the ability to preemptively track wear and tear on your belt, as well as stay ahead of maintenance.

A Fully Integrated Conveyor System

Like our Flat Belt Conveyors , our Timing Belt Conveyors are built from and therefore compatible with our universal extrusion system, which includes 14-millimeter T-slots on three sides of the conveyor frame. This design makes it quick and easy to attach accessories, stops and other structural elements and allows you to create durable, rigid systems to suit your needs.

In addition, each conveyor comes fully tested and assembled, reducing your setup time.

If you have any questions about this product or would like other expert recommendations for your automation process, give Izumi International a call at 864.288.8001 or contact us online. We’d love to help you find the most effective equipment for your application!

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